When logging in to Credit Hound, the user sees the error  message "Username is already in use"

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Credit Hound Express for Sage 50


The article will explain how Sage Line 50 can be configured to avoid any conflicts with usernames  and user licences.

Credit Hound can be installed on any number of machines. If  the user credentials (user names and passwords) are not setup correctly the  following error message can appear on a users machine:


This is caused by the user name being already in use within  Sage.

The error can also occur the next time the user logs onto  Credit Hound if the user/system ended the Credit Hound program unexpectedly. A  resolution to this problem is shown at the end of this document. 


Sage 50 Accounts 

Sage Line 50 only allows one Licence at a time to connect to  the Sage Data objects. For the user to access Sage Line 50 and Credit Hound on  the same machine, a unique Credit Hound Sage ID needs to be created in Sage  Line 50.

For example, the user Chris Hardy has a Sage 50 Accounts UserID  of HardyC. An additional Sage 50 Accounts  ID also has to be created, such as CreditHardyC

The following configurations should be followed to setup the  Credit Hound user correctly in Credit Hound Manager.

Navigate to Credit  Hound Manager >Setup > Companies > Edit


Make sure the option Always  logon using default username and password is Unchecked

Next, navigate to Setup  > Users > Assign Companies > Select Company > Edit


Overridden Host Username: CreditHardyC (the additional Sage  50 Accounts login)

Overridden Host Password: ******** (the additional Sage 50 Accounts Password)

The above configuration should be repeated  for all Credit Hound Users who intend to login  to Credit Hound and Sage 50 Accounts at the same time.

Unexpected Credit Hound closure

If the program is ended unexpectedly and the client is using  Sage 50 Accounts, when the Credit Hound user logs back into the software they  will receive the “username already in use” error. This error is caused by the  Sage login ID which is being used by Credit Hound (“CreditHardyC” in our  example above)being locked out in Sage.

To clear this lock is a simple matter of logging into Sage  50 Accounts with “CreditHardyC” to unlock the user, and then log out of  Sage 50 Accounts. The Credit Hound user will then be able to log in to Credit  Hound.

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