Applies To

  • Spindle Document Distribution v7
  • Spindle Professional v6
  • Spindle Professional 2012 
  • Spindle Professional 2009 
  • Spindle Professional 2007 
  • Spindle Professional 2005


When a document is processed through Spindle Professional or Spindle Document Distribution, it is converted to an interim document in the Enhanced Metafile format (*.emf). It is this interim document that is parsed by the Spindle Professional or Document Distribution processor. On occasion Draycir support may request this file for troubleshooting analysis. 

The EMF file is stored temporarily in the user's Windows temporary folder, which can be accessed by entering %TEMP% into the address bar of any Windows Explorer window:

On completion of the processing, the EMF file will be deleted from the Temp folder.

Saving the EMF

In order to save the EMF to a new location we need to interrupt the Spindle Professional or Document Distribution Processor. The simplest method for this is to print the document to the Spindle Pro printer, instead of Spindle Pro Auto:

When the Spindle Professional or Document Distribution window opens, do not click OK:

Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to %TEMP%, and then use the Windows search functionality to locate the most recent .EMF file in the folder (and its subfolders) by searching for *.EMF:

If we sort the results by the Date modified column, we will find the EMF file corresponding to our document at the top of the list. We can now drag (or Ctrl-drag) this file to a new location to make a copy of it for submission to Draycir Support.

About the EMF file

We can see that the file takes an MS Paint icon, and if we double-click it, it will indeed open in MS Paint:

However, this is merely a rasterised image of the document, Draycir support can interpret the underlying document to see how is has been constructed. 

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