Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition's default configuration is to synchronise the end users master data using the Draycir Cloud Synchronisation Agent once a day to Draycir’s cloud server. 


This means if any data is added after the synchronisation will only be available in Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition the following when the master data synchonisation happens again. 


To ensure the end users master data is kept as up to data as possible a simple Task Scheduler using a BAT file will allow you to Start and Stop the Cloud Sync service at regular intervals to ensure the data is up to date at all times.

(Attached is the BAT file)

Pre-reqs - We will need a dedicated Service account created by the client's IT department in order to successfully run the Task Scheduler service 

 - Log in as a batch job

 - Log in as a service

Is it important this is in place before configuring the service, you may run into issues if not set up correctly


1. Create the following Folder in the location below:

Location: C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition\Cloud Sync

Folder Name: "Cloud Sync Task Scheduler"

Once created please place the BAT file in the folder (File Attached)

2. Open up Task scheduler on the machine and select the "Create Task" option

3. Within the "Create Task" options please ensure the following options are selected:

 - "Run whether user is logged on or not"

 - "Run with the highest privileges"

**For illustration purposes this has been called the service name "Draycir Cloud Synchronisation Agent Routine" "** this is not a mandatory convention you have to follow

Please also ensure the service account as dedicated to run the scheduler is selected in the "Change User or Groups" option as displayed below and "Admin" account has been selected

Add a description to denote what the service is being used for

4. Once the details have been completed, select the "Triggers" tab and the "New" option

The trigger option is a set of criteria that is put in place, when met, starts the execution of the Draycir Cloud Synchronisation Agent 

Before selecting the start time, we need to ensure what the default Data Synchronisation Time is set to in Spindle Document Management SA

Open up Tools

Recognition>System Settings

As the examples is set to 6a.m taking into consideration the 2hour intervals, the Synchronisation can be set to run from 8a.m

The Trigger settings therefore can be configured as the following:

Settings =  "Daily"

Start = 08:00

Repeat task every = 2 hours

For a duration of = "Indefinitely"

"Enabled" = Option selected

Proceed to click on the "OK" button

The triggers will now be displayed in the task list:

5. Once the details have been completed, select the "Actions" tab and the "New" option

By clicking onto Browse we can select the BAT file which needs to be run to Stop and Start the Draycir Cloud Synchronisation Agent

Navigate to the following location:

C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition\Cloud Sync\Cloud Sync Task Scheduler

Select the "CloudSync.bat" file and select "OK"

The "Actions" tab will now have the BAT file selected

6. Select the "Conditions" tab as per default no options needs to be configured. Ensure the following options are present & selected and click on "OK"


7. Select the "Settings" tab

As per default no options needs to be configured. Ensure the following options are present & selected and click on "OK"

8. Once the option for "OK" has been selected the Username and Password option will be presented:

Add the correct Username and enter the correct Password

Please ensure the account which is being used to run the Task Scheduler has the highest privileges granted

9. If the Configuration has been set up correctly you should see the Recognition CloudSync files being updated every 2 hours

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