Applies to

  • SDD SDM 10.1
  • SYSPRO 2021 R2 and later
  • Server-side printing


During Installation, choose SYSPRO as the primary application

Open SYSPRO, run program SRSPTP from the SYSPRO menu in the upper left:

You will be prompted to use file UserSRSDocumentPrint.txt to populate the database, click Yes:

SYSPRO will add a printer exception for the three Spindle Document Distribution Printers. This exception is needed to divert the printed output from SYSPRO to the PDF to Spindle command line utility.

Manually adding the command line utility

Copy the files from 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Document Distribution\3rd Party Integration\SYSPRO 

into C:\SYSPROClient\Base (or equivalent)

Open SRSPTP and point it to the executable you just copied in.

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