When trying to archive or email documents via Spindle Document Distribution, the processor may either freeze indefinitely or freeze for a long period of time and crash.

For this KBA, please try the below steps if the last line in the processor log is the one below:

yyyymmdd.hhmmss 04: Adding image from EMF object

Applies to

  • Spindle Document Distribution
  • Spindle Document Management


To resolve this issue, set the PDF Creation Library in the Email and/or Archive settings to version 4.0.207.

For emailing, the PDF Creation Library can be set in the below locations in Spindle Document Distribution Tools:

In User Settings > Email Settings, you can set the default PDF Creation Library via the drop-down list:

There is also an override to the default specified above against the Email Settings of each document operation. You can check this in Socument Automation > (Document Name) > (Operation Name) > Email Settings > Advanced:

(If it is set to - DEFAULT -, it will use the PDF Creation Library specified in the user's Email Settings.)

For archiving, this can either be set in User Settings > Archive Settings and clicking Setup for the archive method selected in the drop-down list:

It can also be set for each archive in Archive Manager > (Archive Name) > PDF Settings:

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