On-Premise based accounting systems use the Credit Hound Connector Agent. These accounting systems include:

  • Sage 50 US/Canada
  • Sage 100
  • Sage 200
Credit Hound Connector Agent Connectivity
Please make sure the computer where the Credit Hound Connector Agent is installed is turned on, has an internet connection and you can login to your Accounting System.

Refresh Login Credentials

You may need re-enter your login credentials for your connected company in the Credit Hound Connector Agent.

Please launch the Credit Hound Agent from your Start Menu.

  • Once in, go to Accounting Connectors and select your company
  • Click Edit

  • Click Login

  • Re-enter the email address and password you used to sign up to Credit Hound and click Sign In

This will refresh your connection to Credit Hound.

Check Accounting Company Settings
You can follow the steps above to also ensure your connection details to your Accounting System are correct. In the Accounting Connector Configuration screen, under Accounting Company Settings, check the credentials and click Test Connection.