Hyperlinked images are used in many organisations to promote their business by including a graphic signature. When clicked, this signature will direct the viewer to a webpage. For example, Draycir's signature would direct recipients to the Draycir homepage.

Obtaining the Image URL and Hyperlink Address

Spindle Professional does not accommodate copying and pasting of images in the HTML message window. To insert an image, an image URL is required. Image URLs (web address to specify where it's stored) are used by computers to fetch images stored on public facing servers all around the globe. 

To obtain an image URL, use this article to guide you.

The image must be hosted on a public facing server for Spindle to search and retrieve.

The image should be either a JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

In this article, I'll be using the white on grey Draycir logo from the foot of the Draycir homepage.

1. I opened the image in a new tab as suggested by WikiHow.

2. A new tab opened and the image address was in the address bar. I copied this.

Inserting the hyperlinked image in the email body

1. Open up Spindle Professional > Select the automation being used > Operation > Email settings > Message Tab > HTML

2. Click on insert image (highlighted by the red outline)

3. Paste the image URL in the Image URL field and (optionally) give the image a description and title.

Click Update

Be aware that the image may not display at the recipient's end if they do not have internet access. 

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