Draycir PayThem allows you to choose from a number of pre-set options for the button that is placed on the document, which redirects to the PayThem request. These all feature the wording "Pay Now". If you feel that this is not the message you require, the images can be modified, within limits.

Applies to

Draycir Paythem, when used with Spindle Document Distribution v10 and above.


The default PayThem button set is as below:

Each of these buttons is saved as a PNG file in the SpindlePro Folder, in the subfolder images\PayThemServices

You can create a custom buttion using any image editing software of your choice, to produce an image with the following specifications:

File type:                     PNG

Pixel Dimensions:       118 x 42

You now need to replace one of the files above with the image you have just created, retaining the file name as per the above. Selecting the applicable option in Spindle Document Distribution Tools to set the inmage.


Let's say that we want the text of our button to say "View Documents" on a blue background. We will use MS Paint for this.

Open MS Paint, Set the image size in File>Properties:

Set the image size to 118 wide and 42 high:

Click OK and then create the button as required, in this case, we will fill the background in blue and add text using the tools available:

We now need to save this file as a PNG, overwriting one of the existing button images:

In the example above I have selected to overwrite the file PayThemLightBlue.png (for no reason other than its filename 'matches' the colour scheme I chose to use).

With the file replaced, open Spindle Document Distribution Tools and select the button from the drop-down menu.

Important Notes

1) The items in the list are hard linked to the image files on disk,  so if the filenames are not one of the original twelve, you will not see the item in the list.

2) Draycir strongly recommend saving copies of any modified button images in a safe location so that, in the event of an upgrade to Spindle Document Distribution or Spindle Document Management where the button images may be overwritten with the default buttons, the custom button can be restored.

3) If for any reason you need to revert to the default set of buttons, there is a copy of these avaiable in 

Spindle Document Management:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Document Management\Spindle Document Distribution Server\Default Data Files\SharedData\images\PayThemServices

Spindle Document Distribution Standalone

C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Document Distribution\Default Data Files\SharedData\images\PayThemServices

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