From Spindle Professional v6.15 and onwards, you can change the path of where the log files are created. This involves overriding a registry key.


  • Permissions to modify the registry hive

Applicable Versions

  • Spindle Professional v6.15 and newer


Open the registry editor by clicking Start and typing regedit



Browse to the following directory: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Draycir\Spindle Professional\Generic\Configuration



Add a REG_SZ (String value) item named Log Root Path.

Specify the path to the folder that will hold the log files. This may be specified using a drive letter or using a UNC path. 

If a path is specified, Spindle Professional will complete the path by appending My Draycir Logs\Spindle Pro 6 to the end.

In the example above, the value is set to C:\Windows\Logs, so Spindle Professional will now save its log files to C:\Windows\Logs\My Draycir Logs\Spindle Pro 6


Registry Key Behaviour

  • If the registry key is specified and the path is valid and the user has the write permission, the log files will be created at the location according to the rules in the above section.
  • If the registry key contains an invalid path, then no log files will be created but the target applications should continue to work.
  • If the registry key contains a valid path, but the user does not have permissions to either create the needed directories or files at that location, then no files will be created but the target applications should continue to work.
  • If the registry key is not specified the user's Documents folder will be used similar to previous versions of Spindle Professional.
  • If the registry key is specified but either: i) the value is empty OR ii) the values contains just white space, then the user's "Documents" folder will be as in prior versions of Spindle Professional.

Related Software

Spindle Document Distribution allows this value to be modified via the Spindle Document Distribution Tools. Please see KBA-05-02-004 - Specifying the Spindle Document Distribution log file directory for further details.

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