In some circumstances, when trying to print to Spindle via Adobe/PDF clients which have been generated via Sun Systems, the PDF may fail to print to Spindle Pro Auto and bring up the Spindle Pro automation box up. This happens as Spindle is unable to verify the ## commands in order to process the document.

Applies to

Spindle Professional 2012 v5.86 and later

Spindle Professional v6

Spindle Document Management v7


When sending a print job to Spindle Pro Auto the Spindle Pro box appears and the job has to be selected from the drop down menu


In some cases a registry tweak can be made to fix the issue:

1. Proceed to open up Regedit on the local/server machine,

2. Navigate to the following key:

3. You will see the following DWORDS available

4. Double click on the "Enable SSG Fix" and replace the value from "0" to "1" and click "ok"

5. Attempt to print the document again and in most instances this should prove to be successful. If this does not resolve the issue please contact Draycir support

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Document Date29/03/2017
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