Due to Windows 10 updates, Spindle Pro 6 has encountered an issue whereby when a automation has an email operation it fails to create an email. 

Below is a screen shot which highlights the error which is present in the automation progress bar:

Below is an extract of the error which will be present in the Spindle Pro processor log file:

20171121.142146 00: FAILED due to an OLE dispatch exception in SetMailItem
20171121.142146 04: ERROROBJECT: 00000000: 'Could not retrieve IMessage: Interface not supported

Versions Applicable

  • Spindle Professional 6


There are a few resolutions to this error:

Option 1 is to use the Exchange Connector which has been present in Spindle Pro 6 since (6.03) Outlook 2000-2016 (6.15)

Link to configure Exchange Settings: 

KBA-01-02-014 - Email Connector - Microsoft Exchange Online

Option 2 is to add RDO mode via the registry settings:

Link to "Enable RDO Mode":

KBA-01-02-002 - Using RDO Mode In Spindle 

There is also the option to use the "Legacy Outlook 2000-2016" connector within user settings

*Please denote this option will only be available to use of the Outlook Client is a 32-bit version*

The last resort we would suggest is to upgrade the Client to SDM. This option is open to the discretion of the Client and the Partner.  

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