Spindle Professional 6 introduces the Microsoft Exchange connector. This connector is used to configure Spindle to interface with the exchange server directly, negating the need for a local instance of Outlook. This is helpful when the Outlook and Legacy Outlook connector doesn't pick up an Outlook profile or the user is being displayed the infamous Server Busy message.

Applicable Versions

  • Spindle Professional 6 (6.15 for Exchange 2016)
  • Spindle Document Distribution v7 and above

Microsoft Exchange On-Premise

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on File. Ensure Microsoft Exchange is displayed under the mailbox address as shown below.

If the website URL looks like the one below ( then you are using Exchange On-Premise.

2. Open Spindle Professional/Document Distribution Tools > User Settings > Email Settings and select Microsoft Exchange 2007-2016 (in v6) or Exchange/Office 365 (in v7+). If you don't see this option, you are using an old version of Spindle Professional.

3. Click on Setup. The window shown below will be displayed.

4. Select Microsoft Exchange On-Premise and ensure the logon type is set to use Windows Logon. Enter your email address and click on Auto discover Exchange URL. Spindle can take anywhere between 5 seconds to 5 minutes to find the exchange URL. If successful, Spindle will insert the exchange URL in the URL field. Click on Test Connection. If successful, click OK.

Microsoft Exchange Online & Office 365

Using OAuth2.0 (Modern Authentication)

We recommend configuring the Exchange connector using this method due to Microsoft making basic authentication unavailable for Exchange & Office 365. This has been introduced in version 8.15 of Spindle Document Distribution. 

1. In Spindle Document Distribution Tools, select User Settings>Email Settings>Exchange> Setup (This window is also accessible via the User Setup Wizard):

2. Select Use Microsoft Account and click Sign In to Your Microsoft Account.

3. You will now be prompted by the Microsoft Account Sign-in screen:

4. Enter your Email Address and click Next

You will now see the options for Multi-Factor authentication as configured by your organisation.

6. Once complete you will see a message advising that sign in was successful:

7. Depending on the configuration of Exchange 365 in place, the first user from an organisation to use the Exchange connector may be presented with the following message:


If that user is an administrator, they will have the option to consent on behalf of the organisation. This will prevent further users from being asked to consent.

Please note that granting this consent does not override the requirement for Modern Authentication. Users will still need to sign in (and potentially use a second factor). 

This consent only needs to be granted once per organisation. Subsequent users will not see these messages.

If needed, the consent may also be granted using the Azure administration portal (, under Enterprise Applications>Consent & Permissions.

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