Special Note July 13th 2018: We are aware of a separate issue where a Windows Security Update for Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016 has caused this error to appear. Please see KBA-05-03-007 for details of that issue.


SDM Users may see the following error message when printing to Spindle Pro or Spindle Pro Auto.

Additionally, Spindle Document Distribution Tools will not show the correct licence information.


This error is caused by the client application not being able to connect to a running service on the SDM server. There are two scenarios which may cause this error:

1) The Spindle Document Capture Services are not running on the server

2) The Spindle Document Capture Services are running on the server, but the client cannot communicate with the server.


First ensure that the services are running on the SDC server. If not, restart them and retry. If the services do not start, check the logon details of the services, to ensure that they are running with the correct credentials for SDCServiceUser.

Next test by running Spindle Document Distribution Tools on the server, if this connects and displays valid licence information, then the problem is with the connection between client and server. 

In this case, ensure that any firewall software is allowing traffic through TCP ports 34251-34257, both inbound and outbound on both the server and the client PC.

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