Previously there is a disconnect between the Document Portal and the Web Verify 'Job List'. Therefore if a user deletes a document from the Document Portal, it would remain within the Job List. To get around this, users would either:

  • Contact Draycir R&D with a list of the Document ID's to be removed to reflect the Document Portal present in the against the Job List.

Fig 1

  • Or select the option within Web Verify "Mark document to be sent to supervisor" to avoid it appearing in the Job List

Fig 2

Applies to:

SDM V7 & V8 (SPIR Module)


R&D have recently applied an update so that documents deleted from the Document Portal will also now be deleted from the Job List. 

There is no configuration change or upgrade required on SDM.

As a result of this new feature update, the 'Mark document to be send to supervisor' option will soon be removed from within Web Verify. This is to ensure that the Document Portal and the Job List are kept in sync and the documents are not left behind in the supervisor queue.

Fig 3 Deleted document will be removed from the Job List when the screen is refreshed

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