To allow the system to auto-detect your Sage 200 company (where the Purchase Invoice is to be posted into), the system will look for a match on the Company Name between the Purchase Invoice and your Sage 200 system.

For example:

if in Sage 200 your Company Name is held as 'HomeStyle Kitchens Ltd', however your Purchase Invoice references the Company Name as 'HomeStyle Kitchens' then the company will not be auto-detected unless you create a mapping.

Applies to:

SDM V7 & V8 (clients who are using the SPIR module)


The system will look within the Master_Debitor file (default path - C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition\Cloud Sync\CSV Files\Exported), and check the 'NAME1' field for a Company Name. It will then try to find an exact match of the Company Name on the Purchase Invoice. If a match is found, the Sage Company ID will be taken from the 'COMPANYCODE' column

1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition\Cloud Sync\CSV Files\Exported and take a copy (CTRL C) of the Master_Debitor.csv file.

2. Paste it into C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition\Cloud Sync\CSV Files\Custom

3. Rename the file by adding a unique suffix to the file name e.g. Master_Debitor_01. Note: Master_Debitor must be the prefix of the file name.

4. Open C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition\Cloud Sync\CSV Files\Custom\Master_Debitor.csv, and duplicate (copy and paste into new rows at the bottom of the file) the row(s) that contains the COMPANYCODE you want to map your Company Name variations to.

5. Remove all of the existing rows so there is no duplication between the Master_Debitor file in the Exported folder and the Master_Debitor in the Custom folder.

6. Change the Company Name in the 'NAME1' column to the name as it appears on the Purchase Invoice. E.g. if the Company Name in Sage 200 is 'HomeStyle Kitchens Ltd', however the Purchase Invoice is addressed to 'HomeStyle Kitchens' then you would change 'NAME1' to be 'HomeStyle Kitchens' (in the Custom folder).

7. Ensure the CSV files has been "saved"

8. Restart the "Draycir Cloud Synchronisation Agent from services.msc


9. Any documents which had name variants present should be deleted from the portal and re-loaded in order for verify to pick up the changes.

10. As shown above the Purchase Invoice states the Bill to address is "HomeStyle Kitchens" however Web Verify has correctly recognised the Sage company as "HomeStyle Kitchens Ltd"

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