There maybe cases whereby the Invoice date on the document is not being recognised even though it follows the convention of dd/MM/YYYY


When the Purchase Invoice is has been sent to IRIS for Analysing it uses the top half of the document in order to recognise information such as the Supplier Information, Client Sage company, Invoice number, Invoice date, due date.

e.g. Invoice set clearly and concisely

e.g an example of an Invoice where the Invoice Date is not picked up as the Due Date is considered in the body of the email 

Note: The system will look for a date on the Purchase Invoice that is closest to “today” but in the past.If a date is found that matches this criteria, it will be populated as the Invoice Date. If the date is incorrect, it will need to be corrected manually.

If this information is 

Applies to:

SDM V7 & V8 (SPIR Module)


It is advisable if the client can contact the supplier to confirm if the Purchase Invoice can be altered so the following data if as required:

(Invoice Number, Invoice Date, P.O, Due Date)

Is placed in the top section of the Invoice oppose to being in the body of the Document. 

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