In the Document Portal the document is stuck in an "Analysing" or "Archiving" or "Posting" status for an excessive time.

Currently there is an order for services to start

Applies to

Spindle Document Management v7 and later  (Using the Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition Module)


If the document is stuck in an "Analysing" or "archiving" state it could be due to the following reasons:

Currently there is an order for services to start up. When the SDM service starts up before the Cloud Service (DraycirWeb.API) the service cannot provide status updates within Document Portal.

Spindle Document Recognition Post Agent service is not running on the client site.

Solution 1

If the Spindle Document Recognition Post Agent service is running as it should it would be advisable to, restart the SDCWebApi - both App Pools and site which releases the Document Status Updates for the Document Portal

Solution 2

If the Spindle Document Recognition Post Agent service is not started on the server, documents will fail to post

  • Open up Services.msc on the Server which has SDM Server Administration tools
  • If the Spindle Document Recognition Post Agent is set to "Stop" click on the "Start" option
  • Once the service is up and running open up the Document Portal and the status of documents should change. 

Third-party Sage 200 Add-ons

If you are using any other third party integrations with Sage 200, these may cause the posting agent service to be in an errored state with no user interface to recover execution. We have observed this issue with the Sicon barcoding add-on. Other add-ons may also be affected.

If there are any other add-ons:

  • Stop the Post Agent Service in Services.msc
  • Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Document Management\Spindle Document Recognition\Post Agent\RecognitionPostAgent.exe"
  • Shift-Right Click to bring up the option to Run as a different user
  • Run the executable as the SDCServiceUser.

A console window will open, and if any warnings or errors are displayed, they can be dismissed in the current session:

If there is an option to disable the warning or to not show it again, use that function. If there is not, you will need to run the posting agent in the console as above until a fix can be found between Draycir and the developers of the Add-on. Please contact Draycir Support in this case.

Once the system is configured to not display the warning, restore the system to its previous state by :

  • Closing the console window, and
  • Starting the Post Agent Service 

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