Print jobs to any of the Spindle printers may get stuck in the print queue instead of getting to the processing stage:

Applies to

  • Spindle Document Distribution (Standalone)
  • Spindle Document Management


One common cause of the issue is the Spindle Pro Printer Agent service stopping/failing to start.

To restart the service, navigate to Services (Or in Run/WIN + R, go to Services.msc)

In Services, navigate to the Spindle Pro Printer Agent service:

In the above image, the service is stopped. It may also still be running. Unless the site is setup for unattended mode, this service should be running as the Local System user.

Please start/restart the service (if you are unable to do so, please confirm you are running Services as a user who can stop/start the services).

After restarting the service, please select the job(s) in the print queue and restart them:

Depending on the type of user you are logged in as, you may not be able to restart/cancel print jobs belonging to other users.

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