Spindle Professional (all versions) has three printer agents that are required to be running as processes. These are named dsplpaagent.exe, dsplpagent.exe, dsplpfagent.exe for the Spindle Pro Auto, Spindle Pro and Spindle Pro Form Creator virtual printers respectively. Alongside these three printer agents, there is another process called SpindleProxxxxMonitor.exe (where xxxx is the version of Spindle Professional installed) which is fired up when a Spindle user logs on. The Spindle Monitor launches the three printer agents.

Investigating the issue

In order to resolve the issue, we first need to find out if the printer agent is indeed missing.

Open Task Manager and select Processes (Windows Vista & 7) or Details (Windows 8, 8.1 & 10). Typically three processes would be running, one for each of the Spindle Professional printers. If any one of three agents are not present, the error 'Printer Agent is Missing' would be displayed.

Ending the Processes

To resolve the issue, end all of the Spindle Professional processes mentioned in the introduction section. If there is one printer agent missing, you should end the remaining 3 processes.

Restarting the Spindle Monitor

Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Professional xxxx and double click SpindleProxxxxMonitor.exe. This will restart the required Spindle Professional processes mentioned in the introduction.

Ensuring the monitor launches

To ensure that the monitor launches on every boot-up, use the utility SpindleProMonitorTSConfig.exe which is found in the installation directory mentioned above. Run it as administrator and click Add Local Machine.