There are requirements to add additional nominal lines in Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition, the most common reason is to add a nominal is "carriage charge"


By automating the ability to add additional nominal lines there is no need for manual intervention in Web Verify to add this line into Tab 4

Applies to:

SDM V7 & V8 (SPIR Module)


This will require access to the Server whereby the agents are installed in order for a change to the configuration files. 

Please discuss the changes to the verification with a Draycir consultant before attempting to make changes to a client site 

1. Navigate to the following location on the server:

(C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition\Cloud Sync\CSV Files\Custom)

2. Open the Nominal_Types.csv file within Notepad (Right click on .csv file>Open with>Notepad) 

3. The Nominal_Types.csv file will be displayed in the same format shown below: 

4. Input the DatasetID, Nominal Code, Description from Sage and Unique Reference Name as per the line below.

e.g. DataSetID = 2, Nominal Code = 54100, Description = Carriage Outwards,Unique Reference name = Carriage1.

2;54100;CARRIAGE Carriage Outwards;;;;;Posting;;Carriage1

(note the 5 semi-colons then 2 semi-colons)

5. Save the file

6. Open the “Creditor Options” file.

7. Add the CREDITORID & NOMINAL TYPE (as entered in the Nominal_Types file).

e.g. FOR001;Carriage1;TRUE;TRUE

8. Once the changes have been made, proceed to "save the change" to the file 

. Open up Services.msc and locate the "Draycir Cloud Synchronisation Agent" and restart the service 

(Please ensure the service is not in use before attempting to re-start)

Please not any documents which are in a Analyse state will not pick up the changes therefore the document will need to be re-uploaded for Recognition and Analysing.

The document was re-uploaded after a 15-30mins interval and we can now see after re-verifying the Carriage nominal has been added by default

Please not the above any additional nominal's can be added to suppliers. Please contact Draycir support if you require any additional assistance. 

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