When a user comes to Tab 2 (Line Items) they may encounter the following error, but not understand why the individual line items are being recognised when the Invoice clearly displays the items

Line Items are only used where the Document Type is ‘InvPO’ (Invoice with Purchase Order) where PO / GRN matching is required.

The system looks for line items by this formula: Unit Price x Qty = Net Value

It will try to find the matching line items from your Sage 200 master data based on this formula.


The position is taken from the Purchase Order in Sage 200 and each line item in Verify must be matched to the correct line item position on the Purchase Order in Sage 200.

Important: For the line item matching to succeed, the ‘Pos’ (position) column is the most important and must be matched / set correctly.

Applies to:

SDM V7 & V8 (Using the SPIR Module)


1. If the line item has been detected by the system, but the position (Pos) is blank, click into the Order Number field and press F4 to lookup the line item from your Sage 200 master data.

If a user selects one of the line items columns that are in error i.e the "Quantity" a message dialogue box will state the perceived problem.

(If the F4 lookup does not contain the order you are looking for, it could be that the master data synchronisation hasn't run, or the service has stopped, or the Purchase Order is either closed or didn't exist in Sage 200 when the data sync last ran.)

Please try re-synchronising your master data by restarting the Draycir Cloud Synchronisation Agent Windows service.)

Fig 1

2. As highlighted in Fig 1 (Red boxes) we can see that the Quantity on the Purchase Order states 10, however the Purchase Order states 12

This may be a part Invoice for items delivered so far. User must decide whether to accept or reject the line. To accept and proceed, enter the Pos as shown on the F4 look up for the matching line item.

3, As highlighted in Fig 1 (Yellow boxes) we can see that the Unit Price on the Purchase Order states 2.50, however the Purchase Order states 2.49

The user must decide whether to accept or reject the line. To accept and proceed, enter the Pos as shown on the F4 look up for the matching line item.

The only Line Item which matches the Purchase Order is "Position 3" as shown there is no user intervention required in regards of correction.

The User must make a decision whether to keep what is on the invoice and to process or to reject the invoice and contact the Supplier. If continuing to process the Invoice, the position field must be completed, using F4 wil help to identify the position.

Fig 2

The Net totals have been manually altered in order to ensure the totals match up. This will be different for individual Purchase Invoices. 

If the User decides to post the document in it's discrepancy state, Tab 3 and Tab 4 will need to be altered in order to post

Fig 3

Line Total was £35.26, with the adjustments the new value is £26.94

VAT Total calculated at 20% is not £5.38

Gross Amount = £ 32.32

Once the totals have been calculated correctly we can move to Tab 4 (Nominal's)

With the Nominal's now correctly being picked up the Purchase Invoice can be attempted to post. The Spindle Document Portal will flag the invoice in a discrepancy status, therefore highlighting this to the end user to confirm if they want to continue with the Posting of the Invoice and accept the discrepancy.

(Please note when trying to post PI's with discrepancies it is imperative to understand how the client deals with pricing and quantity differences as a process outside SPIR)  


If the user is happy to post the PI the option to "POST" will remain in order to archive the document. 

There are numerous other data related issues which can cause Line Items not to match. Please see the Excel sheet which highlights reasons and solutions to this. 

If the issue cannot be resolved, please call Draycir Support for further assistance.  

Other reasons why Line Items do not get recognised

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