The user may encounter the below error message when trying to distribute via Spindle Document Distribution or Spindle Professional:

Applies to

  • Spindle Document Distribution (Standalone) v8 and later
  • Spindle Professional v4-6 (2009-v6)


This may be caused by a network issue connecting to the shared SpindlePro folder. Please check that this location is reachable from the PC and that the user has read/write access to that location.

Alternatively, this error may also be caused by the licences having already been allocated to other users. Licences are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis when the SpindleDocDistMonitor.exe or SpindlePro6Monitor.exe process starts for a user.

You can see which users and devices are taking up a licence by checking the file UserUsageLog.log, located in the SpindlePro shared folder. This includes the usernames, device names and the specific licence being used (with the first licence starting at 0).


The licence allocations can be reset by restarting the machine on which the SpindlePro shared folder is located. We would also advise that the affected user log in and out of their Windows session to restart the monitor process.

To prevent the issue from re-occurring where licences may be erroneously allocated to users who are not printing via Spindle Document Distribution (Typically in a shared environment such as an RDS), there is a key/value pair called Spindle Doc Distribution Manager/Spindle Pro 6 Manager located in the below registry path which is created when Spindle Document Distribution is installed:


Removing this key/value pair will prevent the monitor process from starting once the user logs into the machine. The monitor process will then only start once a user prints via any of the Spindle Document Distribution printers.

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